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Build Smarter Organisations

We facilitate building skills We facilitate building knowledge We facilitate building ability We facilitate building expertise We facilitate building growth We facilitate building perspective

People, their knowledge and their skills are what drives your business and creates value for your organisation and its goals. Manage knowledge, get insights and build skills for tomorrows challenges with Certly.

Effective team certificate management
Insightful data analysis for decision-makers
Easy setup, pay-per-use, no strings attached
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All possibilities, one dashboard


Manage teams

Certly makes managing team knowledge and professional development a breeze. Manage certifications, add todo’s and keep track of upcoming training and exams.

Certly makes professional development through certification accessible and transparent.


Build required knowledge

Knowledge is the fuel of your organization. Be one step ahead by exploring certifications, follow latest developments. Build knowledge when required.


Get valuable insights

We analyze your certification data and abstract skills, level and certificate metadata to provide you with valuable insights about your organisation. Keep track of knowledge and skills and identify opportunities to take the next step.


Stimulate professional development

In Certly, teams create and own their personal learning journey. We enable organisations to facilitate and stimulate professional development and promote ownership of individual learning objectives


Learn, grow and share

Knowledge gets better when shared. We enable teams to share knowledge and experiences to evolve together. Making learning a social and fun experience.

Social features in Certly are created to improve collaboration between teams and encourage knowledge sharing.


Create custom internal certifications

Start your own internal certification program or traineeship and reward your employees for their knowledge and skills. Pay attention to what you and your organization find important and keep track of employee learning and development progress.

How we add value


Manage team certifications, create development plans and plan the professional development of your employees. Certly offers tools to manage all data concerning the competences of employees. Clear, insightful and always available.

Analysis, insights

Our platform offers all options to analyze this data and gain valuable insights from it. We create an overview and clarity, both at the profile level and throughout the organisation, so that you can make well-founded decisions.


Based on the data and insights, plans can be made to take your organization to a new level. Create development tracks, identify new opportunities and act on them to keep your organization in the forerunner role.