Certly for Sales Professionals

The sales functionality of Certly is currently under development. Contact us for the current possibilities.

The perfect consultancy sales package

Technical consultancy and secondment are all about people, their skills and their knowledge. The challenge for sales professionals is to market these competencies as optimally as possible. Certly helps to present your employees by generating concrete resumes that potential customers can work with. Make technical topics concrete for clients and take your sales pitch to the next level.

Start building knowledge

Certly is the best way of developing skills and knowledge of your technical teams. Leverage the power of professional development through certification, get insights and develop your organization to get ready for tomorrow's challenges.

Resumes, on steroids.

Certly helps sales professionals complete the picture around their consultancy teams. Don’t just present education and experience, but add certification and concrete skills. This way you add value and context to the competencies of your employees. Easily export resumes as PDF to share with third parties.


Connect employee to assignment with profile match

Connecting consultants to technical assignments is a challenge for sales professionals. Certly profile match offers extensive search functionality to find available and suitable consultants based on their competencies and to make a perfect match.