Certly for Learning & Development

The learning & development functionality of Certly is currently under development. Contact us for the current possibilities.

Plan for success

With Certly you can easily create development plans for your teams. With our platform, you manage professional development through certification, schedule future exams, and closely monitor progress. This way you plan for guaranteed success.

Start building knowledge

Certly is the best way of developing skills and knowledge of your technical teams. Leverage the power of professional development through certification, get insights and develop your organization to get ready for tomorrow's challenges.

Professional development, organised

Certly offers a central place to manage all learning & development through certification, and makes this data widely available and searchable. In this way, as an L&D professional, you keep an overview of what is happening in your organization, and you can respond more quickly to specific needs and challenges.


Get context and insights in knowledge and skills

Our platform is all about analyzing data. In this way we generate valuable insights based on the knowledge profiles of your employees, and we convert technically complex topics into everyday context. This way you know what the current situation is and you can use insights to take the next step as an organization.