Manage team certifications

Certly offers an optimal overview of certifications within your organization. Add certifications as todos, see which exams are planned and who has which active certifications. A central place for complete professional development.

We make professional development by certification measurable and insightful. A platform for everything around knowledge and skills within your organization.

Create personal development plans

We provide effective ways to create custom professional and personal development plans for employees.

This way you ensure that the knowledge and skills of your employees remain up-to-date and that your organization is ready for the challenges of tomorrow.

Find people by their skills

Certly analyzes the data from employee certifications and adds context in the form of concrete skills.

Find the right people for the job by searching for tangible skills, or you can get a complete picture of a person by viewing the skills per user profile.

Skills within Certly enable you to get clarity and overview with technically complicated subjects.

Get valuable insights

We analyze team certification data to provide you with insightful and valubale information.

We offer insight in knowledge and skills within your organisation, the expertise level of your teams and the status of current and future certifications.

Certification database

Certly offers a complete database of all technical certifications. We help you to identify new opportunities and make it easier to stay up-to-date with the latest trends.

In a constantly developing market, it can be difficult to manage the development of knowledge and skills within your organization. Certly provides an overview and makes it simple to keep up.

Curated certification tracks


Certly Tracks offer a way to structure professional development through certification. Define custom certification paths or use our pre-composed tracks. Build your team from zero to hero and guide them along the way.